“By the time a child gets to nursery school he will have laughed for about 300 times a day. Adults laugh 17 times a day, on average.” — Discovery Health.

Well, that’s his name up there!

Internationally, millions of people have ventured into comedy business. If they’ve seen something worth diving for there, then you’d better keep your eye peeled. Some of them have made a fortune making people laugh. Others are not so fortunate, though.

The fault is not in their stars; it’s in branding and packaging. As for grouping, comedians basically fall under these categories: Writers. Actors. Stand-up performers. Voice over acts

(1) Comic Writers. Let’s look at these types of comedians. A comic writer is gifted or trained in writing jokes. He writes for the print media, film or audio purpose. We also have comic poets. Their poems amuse and provoke laughter.

(2) Comic Actors: A comic actor performs in dramas or movies.

(3) Stand-up comedians: This kind of comedian simply tells joke in a narrative style. It is typical to see him standing onstage and delivering lines of jokes in a peculiar way that provokes the audience to laugh.

(4) Voice-over act: He tells jokes in any medium other than visual, print, or stage. He mostly works with radio stations. Discover your abilities as a comedian. It’s possible you are good enough to explore the whole spectrum; but if you are only good in one or two categories, concentrate all your efforts there.

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