How can A2B TAXI users benefit from cryptocurrency payments?

Hello everyone!

This time we are back with some vital information for our current community members… and for the people who are considering joining the A2B family! If you still hesitate whether it is worth to invest in A2B TAXI Tokens, we hope that this post will make up your mind!

In our previous posts, we presented the overall conception of A2B TAXI, mentioning ideas and benefits of this company. Today, we are proud to elaborate on the latter part. As you already know, A2B Taxi is conducting the ICO on 7th March 2018. You will have several chances to acquire the Tokens with a discount. The main question is, what kind of real profit can these Tokens and cryptocurrency payments give?

There are many opportunities to take the advantage of the ICO of A2B TAXI. Here are some of them…

Pay in cryptocurrency and save up.

In the very beginning, you will have two options for payment while using A2B TAXI. This means that you will be able to pay either with your bank card or with acquired tokens. Eventually, the first method will be canceled, and only payments in tokens will be continued. Therefore, to encourage our customers to use their tokens from day 1, we will provide the discount of 30% when paying according to this way. How does it work? Simple as one-two-three. First, the discount might be applied straight away. Alternatively, you can pay the full sum, and 30% of it will be returned in the form of cryptocurrency. It will be kept in your A2B TAXI app.

Long-term profit.

Everyone who has purchased tokens during the ICO will have a strong chance to profit from this action. However, the material amount of profit will depend on the length of a given term. In short, the very idea is to use these tokens in daily transactions quite heavily. What does follow next? The wider and the more extensive the daily use of tokens is, the more valuable tokens are. Therefore, the profit in case of selling them will be significantly larger.

First come, first serve.

Hurry up! The fastest ones will get some REALLY nice benefits when buying tokens during the pre-sale and the crowdsale. Wanna hear even the better piece of news? This promo applies for both customers and drivers. The benefits will be divided as follows:
a) First, 15,000 drivers who will join the platform and will work with the assistance of it for more than a week will also have an opportunity to receive 1000 tokens (worth around 100 USD).
b) First, 500,000 customers who will download the A2B app will be awarded free 100 tokens (worth around 10 USD at the time of the ICO).
As you may notice, it is a great opportunity regarding both saving up and investing in A2B TAXI Tokens.

All in all, don’t hesitate. Join the family of A2B TAXI today!