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Introducing A2DAO

Crypto startups need fundraising and early adopters. A2DAO aims to connect startups with smart capital while simultaneously helping to cultivate a passionate community for each individual project. Our team of experts will assist projects in marketing, development, tokenomics, and other critical areas of growth.

A2DAO has emerged as a disruptive force in the fundraising space thanks to our influential community of DeFi evangelists. We’ve reshaped the old fundraising model by distributing allocation to our community members rather than only to close-knit VCs and institutions. Since 2017, we have helped raise more than $10m for over one hundred projects and boast a community of 10,000 smart investors and crypto experts from all over the world. Our network is our backbone and we place a high value on each active DAO participant.

Our accelerator program — A2Jump

A2Jump is a new and exciting service that acts as a bridge between early-stage blockchain projects and the A2DAO community before a project goes fully public. Not only is the accelerator program an excellent opportunity for early-stage ventures but it also gives its ATD holders lucrative investment opportunities.

Depending on the type of project, each member of the A2DAO community will have guaranteed allocation based on their current tier level. Community members will be allowed to contribute either USDC or USDT, which will be according to a fixed exchange schedule set by the project. A2Jump will also charge minor ATD fees from contributing community members. In addition to those fees, community members are required to hold a certain amount of ATD in their wallets in order to be eligible to participate in platform offerings.

As a service platform, A2Jump will also offer several KYC options for upcoming projects. Note that if a project is making an offering on A2Jump, chances are that this is the final stage before it is listed on Uniswap.

A2DAO Community Governance

Our community consists of 10,000 highly experienced investors and crypto experts from across the globe that learn, develop, and grow from one another. They are our backbone and hold each DAO participant to the utmost value. Community members actively participate in all governance activities and voting events to ensure that the highest quality projects get funded. We believe that the blockchain movement is a fully democratic one and projects that reflect this value deserve to receive the best global expertise and adequate funding.

Our community plays a crucial role in the decision-making process — selecting ventures for the accelerator program and buyback management. The onus lies on each and every member of the A2DAO community to exercise his or her right and privilege to vote on events and help maintain a robust ecosystem. The presence of a token will make the overall work of the A2DAO community even more technically advanced and efficient. This multi-pronged approach to community work is the hallmark of our community and network.

Invest with the A2DAO community

The success of blockchain models applied to solve real-world problems has popularized the technology. In addition, the massive potential of digital assets has caused traditional financial institutions to take notice and the current market rally is largely attributed to an inflow of institutional capital. This has also attracted millions of retail investors and crypto enthusiasts. However many of these new investors are setting foot into the world of crypto for the first time. They lack the expertise, financial knowledge, and technical capabilities to approach the market with confidence and truly succeed.

A2DAO will provide its community investment opportunities with a clear and thorough understanding of each respective project’s strengths and weaknesses. Projects will be rated through the A2DAO voting system and internal audit by founders, team members, and our community. This means that all projects selected by the A2DAO community represent a great opportunity for retail investors, which wouldn’t have been possible without an adequate understanding of core fundamentals.


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A2DAO connects top-tier blockchain projects with smart money investors, while simultaneously growing a robust community of crypto enthusiasts. Community members can vote on various issues of A2DAO, such as project selection for the accelerator program or important points of network development. In addition to voting rights, community members are guaranteed allocation to projects based on their tier level, which is determined through ATD token holdings. Lastly, A2DAO strives to help dissolve the barrier of entry for the flood of new retail investors entering the space by providing high-level expertise on both the market and underlying blockchain technology.

Telegram: @a2annn

Email: info@a2dao.com



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