Moving your Business to the Cloud? Don’t Commit these Mistakes!

Recent predictions have suggested that global cloud market will reach to more than $190 billion by the end of 2020. With continuous digital transformations, cloud has become the de facto driver for businesses providing them highly scalable and cost-effective infrastructure solutions. Migrating to cloud gives businesses a competitive edge however, it also introduces many risks. To mitigate the risks in cloud migration, here is a list of common mistakes that businesses must avoid while migrating to cloud:

#Considering Every Cloud as Same:

Every cloud platform comes with its own features, pros and cons. The right cloud mix depends upon your application demands, scalability and flexibility needs. Businesses need to analyze their requirements, understand the difference between different cloud solutions and then choose the best cloud platform that meets their needs, all compliance considerations, etc.

#Missing Out on Thorough Research:

Rather than rushing in for moving an application to the cloud, businesses should conduct a thorough research and then select the right cloud service provider. To make your cloud migration successful, recognize your scalability and flexibility needs and understand how they will affect your infrastructure needs. Figure out the tools required so that the application run cheaper and faster. Thus, by performing a thorough research, businesses can map their future growth making entire cloud migration coherent.

#Not Getting the Right Expertise:

Without the right expertise, cloud migration can run into problems. Instead of depending on the team provisioned by cloud service provider, businesses should hire cloud experts who can migrate their on-premises mess to the cloud successfully. Engaging cloud experts in-house can help you implementing the right cloud strategy, handling the critical applications and making your cloud migration process seamless.

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#Moving Everything at Once:

Moving all applications to the cloud at once is another mistake that businesses make. For example-it is not safe to move full-scale out on the cloud for healthcare industry due to compliance reasons. Businesses can run a portfolio analysis to determine the applications for initial migration. Try moving “plain sailing” applications firstly, evaluate their operability, realize the challenges involved and then move most critical applications.

Rounding It Off:

Migrating to the cloud is an essential component of the modern IT but rushing to jump into cloud migration pool can be painful later. Above article describes some ways to mitigate the mistakes that businesses make while making a cloud move. Having a cloud expertise right by your side can take your lot of pain out of cloud migration and ensure seamless and smooth cloud journey.

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