Why AWS platform is the on-demand service provider for any business?

Comprising of different cloud computing products and services, AWS is the front runner in the cloud computing race.

With AWS infrastructure, businesses can take the advantage of virtual environment that enables them to load the services and software their application requires. It is a scalable, reliable and global computing platform that eases the relocation process for existing applications. With AWS web-scale solutions can be deployed with minimum administration and support cost, higher elasticity and flexibility than any other infrastructure.

Here are few points why AWS is the success asset for start-ups and small businesses:

Minimal Infrastructure Cost

Building a large scale system incurs huge investment on hardware, real estate and operational personnel. But, for AWS infrastructure all you need is storage capacity, CPU and memory for the servers and thereafter, the Elastic Cloud Computing unit will be ready to work with the required capacity without spending any bucks up-fronts. Moreover, it doesn’t require any amount of purchase. Users are required to pay only for the time they are active on a server based on hourly rating.

Take a Trial first

This platform is designed to provide a free AWS trial account for 12 months following the AWS sign-up date with access to almost all services. The users are required to pay only if they use beyond the granted limit or if a service used is not completely free.

Usage based cost

With utility-based pricing, all AWS services are billed based on the usage of the infrastructure. Users can see immediate cost saving when they discontinue the use of any services offered. For example, the storage service is charged on the basis of the amount of data stored and for how much duration and its accessible frequency. Hence, once the user deletes the data, they won’t be charged anymore.

High Security Standards

AWS infrastructure keeps security at topmost priority. It follows a huge list of security standard compliance. Proper steps have been taken to maintain security and users’ data is secured with physical, software and hardware security measures.

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One Stop Solution

It’s not just one or two services that AWS deals in. With Re-Invent 2016, AWS now provides over 85 different services that include almost all facets of computing, storage, DevOps, network, analytical, security, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

On-Demand Scaling

AWS infrastructure provides completely customized solutions based on the demands. Combined with the fantastic ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) and ASG (Auto Scaling Group) service, it allows automatic addition of new facsimile of the existing servers to share the load of increased traffic. There are various other AWS platforms that are designed to handle any amount of incoming traffic.

To Conclude

Dovetailing all the above points, AWS is undoubtedly a boon for any level of business. Instead of fixed and rigid infrastructure, AWS platform provides a new way to build on-demand infrastructure. Partnering with an AWS solution provider can result in a successful implementation. AWS Development and Administration Services at A3logics can help you convert the AWS’ cloud services in to the most valued asset.

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