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Top cloud security standards and governance frameworks

The cyber sector is now full of many different standards and certifications. Cloud standards and frameworks are vital to securing systems and maintaining privacy. These standards offer organizations a set of controls and processes that can be implemented to achieve and maintain a certain level of security.

Knowing which standards are essential for your business, you can easily find providers who meet all of them. Most of the biggest cloud providers show how they adopt particular standards, i.e., here, you can read how AWS deals with life science compliance.

Companies in regulated industries must implement the required measures and policies. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and ensures that business continuity plans are in place to minimize the damages.

The benefits of supporting essential IT and security standards are numerous, including

Many standards and control frameworks may seem overwhelming at first. Many of them are available publicly, but for some of them, we need to pay. They are defined by different organizations and regulatory bodies.

This article aims to gather all information about key IT & security standards and frameworks in one place. It would help to understand their scope and applicability.

Reach the list of top cloud standards with links and descriptions on the A4BEE site.

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