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Planning a new bathroom in 2019? Discover the top bathroom trends for 2019 in this expert guide from A9 Architecture Ltd.

Have you got your heart set on a new bathroom in 2019? One of the best ways to discover ideas for your new room is to follow the latest bathroom trends to see what’s popular as well as what’s new in the world of bathroom design.

2018 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for bathroom design in the UK. This year has seen some of the biggest UK bathroom trends from last year become even bigger as well as also throwing out some new bathroom trends that none of us saw coming.

In this guide we will reveal what we believe are the top 10 bathroom trends in 2019 and then show you how to add these fashionable trends to your own bathroom design.


Dark interiors are a bathroom design trend that’s come from nowhere in 2018. With the size of the average person’s bathroom being a little on the small side, dark colours in the bathroom don’t always work because they can make a small bathroom appear even smaller. The dark interiors bathroom trend has proven that logic completely wrong.

The way people have been using dark colours in the bathroom is by using darker shades in small amounts. A dark blue, grey or even dark red feature wall is a great way to nail this popular bathroom colour trend.


Just like dark interiors, black radiators have risen in popularity in 2018 to become one of the must-have upgrades for trendy bathrooms. One of the great things about this trend is that it’s so easy to achieve in your own bathroom. No matter whether you have chosen a traditional or modern room and no matter what your colour scheme, a black bathroom radiator will instantly add another dimension to your design.

One slight drawback to achieving this bathroom trend in your own home is that because this is a new trend there isn’t an abundance of black radiators on the market in the UK right now. The simple way to get around this is to opt for an anthracite radiator instead.


Ever since Apple introduced a rose gold version of the iPhone it seems that everything looks good in this glamorous hue. The bathroom is no exception and the rose gold bathroom trend has been huge in bathroom & interior design in the last 18 months.


Arguably the biggest trend to hit bathroom design in the past decade, grey bathrooms is a 2019 bathroom trend that just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. The reason this trend has been such a big hit is because grey bathrooms offer a sophisticated yet understated design. Grey as a bathroom colour scheme can work in both traditional and modern settings and because it’s a neutral colour, the chances are that the room won’t look dated in a few years time. Some of the most popular ways of including grey to your bathroom colour palette is by adding grey tiles, grey bathroom furniture or even a grey freestanding bath.


If you’ve never heard of a J-shaped bath before then don’t be worried, not many other people had heard of them either before 2018. The reason for this is that J-shaped baths are a brand new bath design that has been growing steadily more popular in 2018. So what is a J-shaped bath? The more commonly known bath shapes are straight, L-shaped and P-shaped however a J-shaped bath differs from these shapes by having a sweeping design that essentially looks like a J. Adding a J-shaped bath to your own bathroom will allow you to instantly create a cool, contemporary feature.


If you’re interested in the top tile trends in 2019 then you simply cannot ignore patterned tiles. Pattern tiles are those beautifully eclectic tile designs that are sometimes referred to as Moroccan, Spanish or even Victorian tiles. These super-stylish tile designs have been such a big hit in the last few years and this year has been no exception.

The popularity of patterned tiles means that today there are lots of designs on the market so you’re sure to find a design that fits in with your bathroom theme. One hugely popular bathroom look is to use plain tiles on the walls of your bathroom which then allows you to use patterned tiles to create a ‘statement’ bathroom floor.

While on the subject of the latest bathroom tiles, two styles that have remained as popular as ever in 2018 are metro tiles and wood effect tiles. Wood effect tiles offer a cost-effect and easy-to-maintain alternative to real wood tiles and metro tiles are a fantastic universal tile choice that are available in a multitude of colours and shades.


When it come to the subject of the latest bathroom furniture trends then the top trend this year has been wall hung vanity units. Vanity units themselves have been a trend all on their own over the past 5 years however in 2019 wall hung vanity units will be very much the fashion.

Wall hung units are brilliant because they provide a stylish storage solution for your bathroom while also saving space because they don’t take up any floor area. The popularity of wall hung vanity units means that there are lots of options available to buy in the UK so you will definately find a wall hung unit that fits in with the style of your new room.


It seems the whole world is going digital these days so it was only a matter of time before we started to see some smart technology make its way into the bathroom. If you’re someone that likes your gadgets then you’ll love digital showers.

As a smart upgrade from a standard shower, digital showers give you much greater control over shower temperature and flow rate. Another benefit of digital showers is that you can save your preferred temperature and flow and then have the exact same settings next time you’re in the shower. Expect this bathroom trend to become more and more popular!


Rimless toilets can be a tricky concept to get your head around but once you have, we’re sure you’re going to want one for your new bathroom.

So what are rimless toilets? In a nutshell: instead of having an enclosed rim around the top of the toilet (where the water flows during a flush) you have an open space. The water still flows around the toilet during a flush but in a rimless toilet the water isn’t enclosed anymore. This makes rimless toilets much easier to clean which makes them a lot more hygienic than standard toilets.

Rimless toilets are still a relatively new bathroom trend so as such there aren’t too many on the market right now however one design that you can buy today and at an affordable price is our Elite rimless toilet.


Just making it inside our list of bathroom trends for 2019 is crittall shower screens. Crittall shower screens, also known as industrial-look shower screens, essentially have a black frame instead of the more commonly used chrome. Some designs feature a window-like appearance with the black frame criss-crossing to form black squares on the screen.

And that’s it: the top 10 bathroom trends 2019. Which of our trends do you like the most and more importantly which trend ideas will you be including in your next bathroom renovation?

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