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Career Chats: Catching Up With Our Dinah Eng Fellows Jill Mie Kunishima, Analisa Puod and Bernice Marie Sibucao

On continual learning, professional development and entering the ranks of newsroom leadership

Being able to grow, question, and explore — with people who were willing to meet me where I was and hold space for me — was truly transformative.

What are your most important takeaways from your training program and how will you apply those lessons in your work?

The future of management leans towards female leadership, which has empathy and kindness at its core.

Why is it important to encourage more diverse leadership in the top ranks of journalism and media?

Those leading the pack, the gatekeepers, must be trained and mentored to become not just company managers but advocates of truth and justice.



AAJA Defined showcases the lives and journeys of AAPI media professionals (and allies) shaping global narratives about Asian Pacific America and redefining journalism in inclusive, expansive, and visionary ways. Produced by the Asian American Journalists Association, est. 1981.

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