What If Aaliyah had Lived to Marry Damon Dash?


Damon Dash talks Jay Z, and his custody and child support battles with ex-wife, Rachel Roy with Larry King. When I found out about Damon Dash during the time when he was with Aaliyah, I knew nothing about him. I still don’t know that much about him. Now that Aaliyah has passed, I see Damon has troubles. What if Aaliyah had lived to marry Damon? Damon had a child by his ex-wife in 1999 according to Wikipedia. She and Damon had married in 2005. However, if Aaliyah had lived, he would have been married to Aaliyah instead as far as we know. I do not know how well things would have went between Aaliyah and Damon, but if it would have been God’s will for Aaliyah to marry Damon, God would have allowed it to be so. Aaliyah would have been alive right now. Would Damon still have child support battles? That, I do not know. But if Aaliyah would have been chosen by God for Damon, the troubles that Damon has now might not would have been. When God makes the choice, he doesn’t bring you troubles along with his blessings.

I wanted to see Aaliyah get married and be alive rather than pass away the way she did. Most of the time, people on earth today choose whomever they want to marry. God allows it to be so. I wish that God would have allowed it for Aaliyah and Damon. If there would have been problems, things have a way of working themselves out through God. There are people that do not think about letting God choose for them, and they make the marriage vows and take chances anyway. I do not know how Aaliyah felt about God or Damon. People need to know what they are doing when they make marriage vows before God. It is a serious matter, and on top of that, there are people that do not really worship God when they make those marriage vows in church. Then we wonder why things don’t work out. When we don’t let God guide us, we get involved with the wrong people and end up in bad situations in life. We need to be sure about who we marry and what is attached to the people we are marrying.

People say God does not choose for us, but the Bible said Mark 10:9 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. So God does have something to do with marriage. I believe he does allow us to choose on our own, but it would be better if God did the choosing because he knows the heart of everyone. We don’t always know whom we are marrying until we are married. All we see is what we see. Love can make us blind.

If Aaliyah had lived, more troubles might would have came her way, and her family, and Damon. Maybe God took Aaliyah away from something that she might not would have been able to bare. Things can make us change for the worst, and maybe that’s what God saw.