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Design Sprint Checklist

Art by Lalu Aan

Challenge 🗻

We need an obstacle, so before we start we have to know the challenge we have to solve in our sprint. Here the formulas to know what your challenge.

Sprint Team 🍵

Have you heard about Hacker, Hipster, and Hustler? We come with that idea! we need 5–7 people (if you have a team) but you can do it in just two people with different backgrounds and roles in one sprint session. In fact, the different backgrounds will give more ideas and solutions in our sprint. It's like Hacker who has an engineering background, Hipster has a sense of art, and also Hustler who knows the business. Make sure that you have those three things.

Sprint Timeline 📆

Where and when the design sprint takes place, we need to make sure that we have 1 block time on weekdays because design sprints can’t pending as we conduct sprint day 1 on Monday then the next sprint will conduct on Friday. We have to make sure where make sure the room and the place is comfortable enough.

Sprint Brief 📁

We have to prepare the brief before we start the sprint. Usually, the brief is shared a few days before we conduct the Design Sprint. The team needs to know about the context of Design Sprint what will we do. What the component that we will need in Sprint Brief?

  1. Contextual Information
    What’s the background of this challenge also it can bring the previous research that we do before the sprint to be the background of the sprint.
  2. Deliverable
    What is the outcome that we expect of this design sprint? It doesn’t have to be very specific. At least we have a picture of what the outcome will look like. For example, you will expect the outcome is increasing the number of user conversions, so the output should be the action items to support a number of user conversions.
  3. Participant
    You can’t a proper sprint if you don’t have a participant 💁 it’s good to decide who will join this sprint. Like I mentioned before at least we have a Hacker (engineer), Hipster (designer), and Hustler (business).
  4. Logistic
    What tools did you need for the Sprint? It’s like Post-it notes, marker, sticker dot, double tape, food or snack, and anything that makes you better to explore your ideas.
  5. Project Timeline
    Schedule what will we do in the next five days. We have a time limitation



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