Yancey’s #dreamdiaries June 1, 2019

Aaron J. Yancey
Jun 3 · 3 min read

Sleep Goal — Peaceful rest for eight hours straight

Sleep Primer — Axelrad & Alley Kat

Sleep Aid — Apple Music Vibes Playlist

Sleep Time — N/A

Wake Time(s) — N/A

Part 1

I was at a wedding

My big bro and I were crashing it as uninvited guests

The party seemed to slow down as if time turned into slow motion

Projections / holographic humans began noticing an imbalance

As we reached to grab a couple brochures

I mentally scrambled for a name to drop

Necessary to validate two fools rushing in to smash the wedding feast

Trish’s cousin Willie Jr. was there

His wife looked totally different

She appeared to have gained a lot of weight

I never actually went over and talked to him

For some reason I was slightly intimidated

Instead I spoke to his co-worker

From Burns and McDonnell

An old head joked that some call it Bernie Mac

But he warned that it shouldn’t be referred to as that cuz it’s disrespectful to the late famous comedian

The coworker I talked to was super short with his answers

He was being an azzz

I got upset

Decided to storm out of there

With no car

No place to go

My big bro just let me leave

Figuring I would most likely return

And I did

Part 2

I hopped on a train

One of those light rail Metro trains like in

San Diego

My buddy Snook and brother Wayne were on the same train

They sat next to each other and talked


I had a LSAT book and a backpack

I abruptly got off on one of the stops just before it entered a dark tunnel

But left my big LSAT book on the train

I decided to wait for the train going back to the place we came from in the daylight

I needed that book to study

As I waited on the other side of the tracks

A few pretty older ladies in dresses approached the same platform

Waiting patiently alongside me

When the return train arrived Wayne was in the car but Snook was gone

He told me how Snook was very funny

Just as I had told him

He could see how someone like him could easily get so many cookies

Countless warm bodies

A smile and a joke goes a long way

No matter how ugly you are

Not that Snook is ugly

Just something I’ve noticed over the years

Wayne didn’t have my LSAT book

He said Snook had it

My mission was now to find Snook

I was compelled to start studying for this test again

Part 3

Just before the train incident I was sitting in a car

There were kids playing everywhere

With no parental supervision

A cop walked by

It was late

Well beyond the city curfew

I assumed the cherry berries would sooner or later admonish us

But they ignored our restless raucous

Like we were invisible

I knew I couldn’t sleep in the car

It felt too dangerous

I asked my sister in-law Michelle if I could sleep on her couch

She hadn’t cleared it with her husband

But she said she was sure it would be fine

I told myself I’d set my alarm

Wake up at 5 AM before he saw me on his way out the door to work

Part 4

I was in a basement

It was dark


Felt like I was in one of Kanye’s nightmares

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey



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Aaron J. Yancey

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Aaron J. Yancey

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Aaron J. Yancey

Poetic Nonsense

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