Some New Zealand migration data

International migration to and from New Zealand is a popular topic right now. Statistics New Zealand publishes loads of data on migration in its Infoshare system but the larger data tables are not particularly easy to use out of the box.

I’ve downloaded all the data in the “Permanent & long-term migration by EVERY country of residence and citizenship (Monthly)” table and processed it in R into a clean and tidy CSV file. The code, source data, and cleaned data are on GitHub.

This data breaks down monthly permanent and long term arrivals and departures by citizenship and country of residence. Citizenship distinguishes New Zealand and Australian citizens and has a total for all citizenships, from which you can calculate non-New Zealand and/or Australian citizens. Country of residence has 253 different categories, including some regional totals so be careful if you are summing across countries. The data runs from April 1978 to June 2016.

Previously, Harkanwal Singh made some nice visualisations of this and other NZ migration data showing the trends for some types of migrants.

A similar annual migration data file is available from Figure.NZ, covering the period from 1979 to 2015, if you just want the annual totals.