Hyper-cat: Hyper Terminal Plugin

Terminals have typically been a pretty dry experience. If you’re adventurous, maybe you’ll change your font colors or explore a transparent background, but that’s about where the customizability ends. Aiming to change that, Hyper is a terminal built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Because it’s built using common web tech, it dramatically increases the possibilities for a custom experience. Plus, I think the web dev community is pretty creative.

You may be acquainted with the 10-hour long video of Nyan Cat, but once you’ve had a little, can you really have enough? As my greatest contribution to society, I have built hyper-cat. Hyper-cat is a Hyper plugin that brings the nyan you’ve come to know and love to your terminal. A screen capture can be seen above. To get the full experience (with audio!), you’ll need to install Hyper and configure it to use Hyper-cat (instructions here). Nyan on.