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Aaron Hardy
Mar 10, 2010 · 1 min read

As promised, below you can find the source code and slides from my Queue N Cache presentation from the 360|Flex conference. For those who were there, thanks for coming. I really enjoy learning with you all and being able to share when I can.

First, the demo application for queuing and caching. Keep in mind that images loaded into the application will be cached in the browser, so depending on what you’re wanting to test you may need to clear your browser cache between tests. Right-click the application to access the source.

Second, the presentation slides. Here they are as a “slidecast” but they’re a little different than the live ones. I think the live video will be made available shortly so if you’re looking for that check back later. Also, this slidecast was made through SlideShare and their audio-syncing tool is a little limiting so the audio might get unsynced for a moment. In any case, enjoy!

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I am a software engineer at Adobe working on the Launch product, primarily focusing on the Launch runtime library and extension development ecosystem.


For all your Aaron Hardy needs.

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