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Life In Silicon Valley iMessage Stickers

Every industry has it’s funny quirks. I’ve compiled 20 amusing memes, phrases, jokes, and quirks from from technology and Silicon Valley into a sticker set for iMessage! There’s not a whole lot more to say, I did this because I thought it would be funny and I hope you find it funny too: we’ve got golden handcuffs, unicorns, and more. Scroll all the way down for the full list.

You can get it here in the App Store for $1.99


The Host App & iMessage Extension

Update 2: We’re now the topmost featured spot in both the iMessage App Store Carousel and the section below it too!

Update 1: The sticker pack was just featured as the #1 App in the iMessage App Store right under the carousel!

Full List of Stickers

1. Ship It!

2. 10X!

3. Let Me Know How I Can Be Helpful…

4. It’s Not A Good Fit At This Time

5. Unicorn

6. inVestor

7. Some Personal News

8. Funding Secured

9. 10X Engineer

10. Innovation

11. Rest & Vest

12. Our Incredible Journey

13. Term Sheet Sent

14. We’re Pivoting…

15. Decentralize It!

16. Golden Handcuffs

17. Hockey Stick Growth

18. Ramen Profitable

19. Day Phone & Night Phone

20. Digital Prophet



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