The power to create

Do you ever get this itch? This kind of innate desire to bring into this world something it hasn’t yet seen. It’s a sensation so overwhelming that it stops you right in your tracks and demands you pause for reflection. Some call it inspiration, others might even call it a purpose. There’s just something intrinsically beautiful about creating something new, whether it be a work of art, starting a project, writing a story, it’s a very human thing to want to pursue our desires and bring something into the world we can truly call our own.

It’s a kind of expression of our deepest inner passions, beliefs and ideas about the world that we live in. It’s a way of condensing years of thought, learning and experience into this one specific thing, this one specific thing you can truly call yours. It is said that if Beethoven had never walked this Earth then his works would have never come to be. That’s a powerful thought — and it is this very ability that we all share; the power to bring into this world something unique, an imprint of our own existence that can’t be replicated by any other person or any other thing.

It’s almost like stretching your hands out into this void hoping to find something with meaning and purpose, but in the end we have no real control over where our creativity will take us, where our imagination will lead. We make an effort to search through the unknown, through the meaningless and through the chaos to create order, to establish meaning and to make it known. It’s about trying to make connections that you can feel but not quite quantify, expressing emotions that have no words, telling a story where language fails.

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash