This one is for the highs.

The circumstances that lead to our most ecstatic experiences and sensations — it’s remarkable that we even get to experience highs in life.

They are a product of witnessing at the right place, and at the right time. It happens when we least expect, even less when we look for it.

It’s a show, it’s a picture, it’s a song, it’s a thought, it’s a feeling, it’s a smell, it’s an idea, it’s a person. It’s something we care about.

Then, pure, unadulterated euphoria.

You know what this means — its huge. It’s a formative moment, whether you realise it or not. A m̶o̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ spark. It has the power to dictate the course of major decisions you’ll take. You don’t know where it will lead, how could you? Could be big, could be small — but not for you. It burns inside, like nothing you’ve felt before.

Think about what lead up to that. What lead to you being in the state you are now, being ‘primed’ to have such a response? To receive such an inspiration? The circumstance that triggered it — a piece of work? How did that they come up with that? Was this a product of their life experience, did they too undergo a deep formulation period? Did it too start from a feeling like this?

All these feelings, and yet the biggest is gratefulness and awe. Awe not just in having such a euphoria, but at the thought that we get to experience such a thing.

You’ve been energised. Old passions re-ignited, new ones born.

Take that energy.

Use it.

You have the whole world to conquer.

What are you waiting for?

Photo by Joshua Earle — Unsplash