Why I Like This Stuff

First of all, I’m someone who just makes up stuff when I’m bored. Like, a couple of inventions, or stories, or modifications of prehistoric inventions, and stuff like that. I make up tunes — and nowadays, I’m writing peoms and songs too. I love writing, because it gives me feeling that I can do anything in what I’m writing, you know, my own world. In class usually I’m bored, or super excited to show off how much general knowledge I have. In my description, do you see the word “Spirituality”? Well, not that kind of spirituality, but the kind of spirirtuality which children have.

I may be quite confusing, but — the opinion of the world which children have is very, very diffrent from the opinion of the world which adults have. All us children are threatened or excited by the thoughts “what if” or “why not” or “can I”. Young and old — I ain’t only talking about children. Adults can think that way too. But not all, because they just — think differently. They have questions like “why me” or “I’m stupid” or “I rule the world”. A similar anology is that when children are small, they don’t know what a spider is. They touch it, feel it, amuse on it. But adults — “aah!” that’s what they are.

Why? because they know what it is, they know it may bite you, they know the word “creepy”. You see, the more you are experienced, the more worse you are. So learn from your experience, don’t think too much, or misunderstand it. This problem of the human mind, is the reason I’m here.