Let the unknown be your guide.

Bring back the colour in your life with aavio.

Joost Toornend
Sep 3, 2018 · 2 min read

“Life’s best memories are rooted in spontaneous moments. Take your first kiss. If you didn’t dive right in, it would never have happened. We like to call these “f•ck it” moments — moments where you make radical decisions to venture into the unknown. Aavio throws you far out of your comfort zone, making life exciting again.”

Our brand revolves around that escape of the comfort-zone; the belief that life becomes so much more exciting when the unknown guides you. You meet the most fascinating people in weirdest places while you experience the most memorable moments of your life.

So what do we do?

Meet AAVIO, world’s first last-second booking platform where you go to to airport, scroll through all the remaining empty seats and jump on the first flight out.

Our app was specifically designed to be quick, safe and very user-friendly. Once on an airport, the user can scroll through all leaving flights that still have empty seats on board.

Simple right? We make flying as easy as taking the bus. So next time when you feel bored or just craving for some action, F*CK it. Go to your local airport and jump on the first flight out.

More information

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Meet aavio, world’s first last-second booking platform where you go to the airport, buy your ticket and board the airplane within one minute. F*ck it, lets go!

Joost Toornend

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