[W.10] Dance. Dance. Dance.

Another week of progress

Last week we had our final wireframe meeting and since then, all objectives are crystal clear. Every team member knows exactly what needs to be done and in what order. Development will now go even faster.

Ok so lets recap this week.

Feeling adventurous? Just go.


This week it was all eyes on Nick. The guy must have felt the weight on his shoulders as everyone in the company was waiting for his new designs. After the meeting of last week, Nick updated the wireframe in order to make it even more user-friendly and significantly decrease the bounce rate of new users. The new wireframe is done and the designs are just delivered to Daniël’s front-end “department”.


So as Daniël was waiting for Nick’s designs, Ben added extra features to the back-end and trying out some open API’s to make the app extra rich on content. Daniël just received Nick’s new designs and will probably be very busy with those for the coming week.


Behind every strong man, there’s a stronger woman is a saying most people will recognize. We understand how important it is that a partner supports her man with his project. Working full time while working on a project like this demands a whole lot of determination and discipline. In order to get all the partners on board, we organized a special day to wine and dine with the ladies. A team is nice but nothing beats family…


Joost and Erno have been sitting with Achmed (the advisor) to gear up for potential investors. All objectives have been set, calculations are done and a clear roadmap is made. We are on schedule and right on track.


A bit too early to mention but we reached out and managed to schedule some very(!!) important meetings in the months to come… This will get more clear in the near future.


As we mentioned last time, the aavio token is made and is on test-net right now. The next step is to get it on main net so it can be shared with everyone who’s helping to get our story out.

Ok this was it! Have a good one!

Team aavio