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[W.11] A small meeting for aavio

A giant leap for aviation

The title is a bit extreme but it certainly gives away the scale of our vision. Ok, let's get to business; We’ve had a ton of important meetings and boy did we have fun. So about the title; We believe that future generations will travel and live completely different than we do now. As they grow up with the internet, advanced mobile devices and the demand for instant gratification, aavio makes perfect sense for them.

Let’s recap the week.


We know what story we need to tell but how are we going to visualize that? That's what we are working on right now. Nick passed all his designs to Daniël and already started fiddling with ad displays and marketing content. We want to underline the social, mobile and spontaneous character of today’s adventure.


Since last week, Daniël has been killing it with front-end. Every little detail of Nick’s designs is carefully being transformed into interactive features. As everyone in the team has full-time employment next to aavio -and quality is key, time is spent efficiently and very effectively.

The designs are done, the wireframe is done, the API infrastructure design is done. Development wise we’ve reached the time of production. In other words, endless strings of code to get everything together.


Erno and Joost had a ton of important meetings this week. Every Monday they meet up to go over the agenda of that week. This week we had talks with advisors, airlines, airports and key individuals within the travel industry. As nothing is set in stone we can’t elaborate on these topics but we expect great leaps soon.

This is it, for now, have a great one!

Team aavio

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