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[W.12] Walk the talk

One step at the time.

Its Friday which means weekend for the most of us! Its been an interesting and educational week for us. Here we go!


Nick is currently ahead of the troops. He’s working on some cool ideas we have for V0.2. Top secret stuff for now. Another idea we have is to build a B2B website to improve the way we communicate with other businesses and partners. We’ll certainly keep Nick busy.


With (UX/UI) design, wireframes and API’s in place, development is just production. Daniël and Ben are working their magic, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to finish our MVP (minimal viable product).


What's the point of having advisors when you don’t talk to them? Most projects have advisors that make them look great on paper. We -on the other hand- almost have weekly meetings with our advisors. These guys are experts in their field and their decades of experience helps us to jump obstacles quickly.

This week we dived into a rabbit hole called “revenue management”. Several advisors and meetings later we got a sophisticated understanding of the methodology used to determine ticket prices. The conclusion is that aavio greatly improves an airline’s profitability without cannibalizing its market share ‘just’ by adding a new market to the traditional industry. On top of that, it can drastically drop the CO2 per passenger rating and increase PLF.

Another rabbit hole is the world of investments. As more and more prying eyes are watching us, we need to get up to speed about all the ins-and-outs of this phase.


We did it! aavio token or AAV is now on the Ethereum blockchain. It will only be issued as a reward to people who help the project. These tokens can be used to unlock features in order to increase comfort and fun;

  • Seat selection
  • Insights (eg: How much available seats/How much users on an airport etc.)
  • Booking priority
  • Couch potato (book from home instead of the airport)
  • VIP (to be revealed)
  • Discounts on Travel Merch/Products
  • Buy Rank-points (multiplies the reward)
  • Many more features

We’ll make a separate blog to describe every feature you can unlock, how to earn the token and where to get it…


Another thing worthy of celebration is that fact that we are now an official company. Erno and Joost registered aavio as an official company in the Netherlands. This step helps us to set up the basics like a bank account and further registrations. The best thing about this part was that “aavio” wasn’t registered as a company name. Lucky us.

That's it, have a great weekend!

Team aavio