[W.13] A runway to fly

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Today we celebrate Friday!


Nick is working on several things, including screens for v0.2, onboarding and a B2B website. “Unfortunately”, the big guys have spotted his talent too which means we have to share his precious time. As everyone on the team has a job on the side, quality sometimes takes patience.

An overview of app screens (V0.1)


Daniël had a short break and is now back at it. This week he started at the notification section of the app. This part will become very important as it is the way aavio communicates with its users. All updates, features and gamification-elements will be communicated via this interface.


This week we had several good conversations with investors to hear what they want to see. These conversations gave us the right insights to set out the to-do list for the coming weeks. One of the things we really need to focus on is “Validation”. We need to validate the fact that “Mavericks” (as we call our targetgroup) are willing to go to the airport to get the first flight out. We are now developing our methodology to proof this hypothesis for potential investors.

We have had some positive contact with Airlines and other key players in the industry. To be continued…


It was Erno’s birthday this week. Erno, on behalf of the team, congrats on becoming a wise man!

Have a great weekend! 
Team Aavio.