[W.14] Flying high

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Its been a busy week for all of us. We all have a full-time job and work on Aavio during the (very) late hours. So here’s just a quick update as we’re rushing to be in time for the Friday afternoon drinks.


We noticed that showing keynotes and sending pitchdecks aren’t getting the necessary discussion going. So Erno came up with a retro way of presenting an idea; flipcharts. A couple of weeks ago he drafted an interactive way to present the entire idea/model/company on a few sheets of paper. Nick worked his magic to get the branding on fleek and voila, we got people’s attention.

Just to fill this post with some cool visuals; a former version of the onboarding screens. Onboarding is very important as it gives the user a proper introduction and lures the user right in.


Erno and Joost have been busy. They’ve spoken to a dozen people who can help Aavio to reach higher ‘altitudes’. One of these conversations led to the location where we are now writing this blog; the headquarter of a major airline. We just had a good conversation with some important executives who we discussed mutual opportunities/challenges with. They responded positively and are going to do research over the next two weeks to validate our business case. Big step ahead for sure!


Preparations for next week’s team meeting are in full swing. At Aavio we highly value culture as culture forms the identity of the company. In our case, its adventure, friendship and a whole lot of fun (accompanied by good food/drinks, DUH).

When working on a project like Aavio, it is important to get the unconditional support from your partner. We understand that this is of great importance for the success of the team/project.

Just like always, Erno has arranged a surprise and no one knows what it is. It is his way of kicking us out of our comfort zone. He only told us to bring sweatpants. Eh…

Have a great weekend!

Team aavio