[W.16] Working on a flying start

Check out our latest progress

It was an easy week with two team members on holiday and the others occupied on various other subjects. However, small progress is still progress. Here’s our week:


This week, Daniël has been making huge progress in the group selection part of the app. As most people travel with other people and airlines have limited seats, people need to be sure that they are both on the same flight. We came up with a feature to link with friends via your phone number. Just like Telegram or Whatsapp, you can see who has the Aavio app installed and you can link them directly to your travel group by just selecting them from your in-app contact list. Nick already designed this part but Daniël is making it real.

In the meantime, Ben is building his crawler to feed Aavio with important knowledge about the market/price strategies of all European Airlines.

Business development

We established contact with a person that literally changed aviation. We expect to meet this greatness soon in order to discuss shared possibilities.

In the meantime, Erno & Joost have been working on producing a business case report and a whitepaper. Luckily this work is almost done.

Last but not least, we established contact with the Dutch Entrepreneurial Organisation (RVO) in order to discuss possibilities for help and support.


Don’t forget to list yourself for the Aavio test group! We are looking for people who want to travel through Europe with Aavio style. There are only a few seats available. You can register here.

This was it!

Have a great week!