[W.17] For king and glory

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Weeks literally fly as we’re building Aavio. In the Netherlands we have a national holiday going on with easter and all so its a bit of a strange week.


Nick has moved shop. After a wonderful Aavio trip in South Africa he has arrived back in Amsterdam, just in time for kings day! Once he gets unpacked he’ll be back to content creation and functionality design.

If you are not familiar with kings day, you should see this:

on the 27th, the Dutch celebrate the birthday of our king of orange.


The Dev. boys are making steady progress with the app. Especially the details within the design take some time. However, our vision is that quality derrives from those little details.

Business Development

Joost had several meetings this week in order to expand the Aavio eco-system whilst Erno was invited to do some field research on one of the biggest airports in the world. He was able to talk to people from all levels of the organisation about their work-field. This led to some interesting and important insights to work more closely with airports too.

Next week Joost will be interviewed for the Bullpen podcast; a popular podcast where remarkable entrepreneurs or opinionmakers discuss their vision for business and crypto. Joost wil talk about the importance of branding, marketing and relationships with the man himself, Lyndon!

Thats it for this week! The team is already drinking some Kingsday beers and we hope you are too.