[W.19] Back at it

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The dev. boys have been enjoying margarita’s and diaper changes for the last weeks as it was holiday season in the Netherlands. However, it is time to get back to work and get sh*t done (not even pun intended). We have a long way ahead of us but luckily most of the grunt work is done.


Time to get out of the holiday mood and get back at it. Some team members are allocating more time to Aavio in order to keep up with the momentum we have right now. This is great news!


As you might have read in our previous updates, we are working on scientific validation to undoubtfully prove our idea once and for all. You can help us by filling in this questionnaire of 10 simple questions. We would very much appreciate your input. It’s also a great way to score one of those select spots for our test group.


Not only are we an officially registered company, we now have an officially registered brand! The name ‘Aavio’ is now ours!

In the meantime, we are working on some ‘secret stuff’. Stay tuned!

Ok that's it (for now), have a great one!

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