[W.21] Working 9 to midnight

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Welcome to yet another update. The team feels how scarce time has become. Our daily jobs, family lives, and other obligations are making it very hard to progress in with the speed we actually desire. However, we are still making progress and working on our goals. We guess its just part of the start-up rollercoaster. Let's do a recap of this week.


Nick is working on the whitepaper design.


The tech team was pretty occupied with other business but will resume their work as of next week.

Business development

Erno comes places. Right now he’s in Berlin to teach business students about international business. It also gives him the opportunity to drop by Lufthansa’s big innovation HUB. Fingers crossed.

We received an ETH donation from our community member Sneaky Penguin which we thankfully used to pay for two tickets to London! Thank you so much Sneaky Penguin! On the 5th of June, we have an appointment with the innovation director of Gatwick airport to talk about mutual opportunities. Exciting!

If you want to help us out with Aavio, we are accepting small donations (ETH) on this address: 0x2616b43518F96Bea97Ac1bA99e4E097B86912941

We thank every donation accordingly!


If you want to make all the difference for us, please fill in this questionnaire. It helps us with the last phase of our validation research.

From now on, the weekly updates will be published on Saturday instead of Friday as drinking beer and celebrating the weekend after a long and busy week is important too.

Have a good one!