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[W.26] Summer is coming

Joost Toornend
Jun 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Getting shit done before the summer arrives

Hi Guys,

Time is running faster than Usain Bolt a the moment and the weather is hotter than Ginger spice. Ok, lets recap this week!


Daniel just dropped the latest version of the Aavio app. This version includes an advanced payment screen, group selection, and a profile screen. Little by little the app is starting to take shape.


What's the point of having advisors when you never talk to them? Right. This week we met up with Achmed, our business and marketing advisor. Achmed built two big(!) companies from the ground up and works with the biggest players in the field.

So we met up and talked about our validation research, business strategy, marketing strategy, and growth analysis. Achmed gave us some very good feedback and helped us a lot with recalibrating certain aspects of our strategy. It certainly gave us a lot of new energy!


Via a friend of the brand, we discovered CrowdHolding. It is a cool crypto-loving community where people rate projects and give constructive feedback. We are now experimenting with new tasks to see if it can be beneficial for us. Apparently, it can reward people with AAV. We will find out how and as soon as it's ready we’ll reward people who help the project with AAV tokens.

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Our validation research is going well! We have over 200 respondent which means we are half way. We need a minimum of 400 as this statistically portraits a million users. If you haven't already, please fill in our short survey.


We currently have direct lines to decision makers within several big European airlines. This week we established contact with another decision maker who reacted positively when he heard of Aavio. We are going to pursue this lead too.


Joost is turning 30 this week, don’t forget to congratulate him!

That's it for this week!

Team Aavio

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