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Did you know that you can use trading bots on AAX? Major trading bot platforms like Quadency support trading on AAX.

Cryptocurrency trading is not easy. Unlike traditional markets, crypto markets never close and are very volatile. What’s more, the number of assets continue to increase, making it difficult to track and operate manually for many.

To make it easier and more profitable to trade cryptocurrencies, traders are using trading bots. These bots are software applications that automate your trading plan. Trading bots are built to bring maximum profits taking advantage of opportunities in the crypto markets every time. When you are away or asleep, trading bots still trade on your behalf.

Quadency and AAX

Quadency is an advanced trading bot application used by thousands of traders. The bot gives users access to several customizable pre-made strategies, advanced charting, and portfolio analysis.

News and research are essential when trading in the crypto market. Major updates may result in price action that could be profitable. Further, crypto projects are constantly upgrading and evolving, making it hard to follow without dedicated research.

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges, with most traders using multiple platforms these days. Quadency unifies most major exchanges like AAX on a single platform. This feature removes the need for jumping between exchanges and having several browser tabs. Trades can be managed and executed for multiple exchanges on the single dashboard.

Another important feature of Quadency is the instant swap feature that makes it easy for users to trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The instant swap feature is super useful for moving DeFi tokens.

AAX provides a robust trading environment by default. Quadency gives you the ability to leverage the AAX exchange with automated trades and the additional features of bots to make better trades.

AAX is a professional cryptocurrency exchange platform with top-notch security and services. As one of the first exchanges to be part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Partner Platform, traders can expect the highest efficiency and low latency.

Originally published at on October 25, 2020.



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