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Myth Making

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Ab Æterno is on a storytelling mission. We intend to be instrumental in cultural change by replacing the dominant story of industrial growth with a life enhancing story that cultivates regeneration.

We are concerned with myth-making. Supporting individuals to live and hold the largest conversations they can with Life. Supporting people to unearth and encounter their mythopoetic identities. So that they can tell stories about their lives and their meaning.

Ab Æterno means from the eternal. The words acknowledge the primordial energy at the source of Life and the place which connected stories come from. We aim to support people find their stories and bring them into the world through their bodies in some way.

We believe that every person has the potential to become a conduit for the primordial energy that runs through them. Living in a connected way enables the storyteller to be a conductor of the wisdom they are gifted to bring.

We are holders of space and weavers of threads. Giving form collectively to an image of the Earth’s Dream. An image we can live by and into. An image to guide us through civilisational collapse and rebirth.




Ab Aeterno is a myth-making publication; telling stories of personal transformation, cultural regeneration and Ecological participation. We are rooted in our service to Life, all beings and the unborn.

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