I broke my phone while on a trip abroad. The lower part of the screen wasn’t functioning anymore and I couldn’t access anything through the tab bar. This means I couldn’t use the keyboard anymore when pressing in the text field. I couldn’t text back and I was really enjoying my chats on Tinder.

That was a frustrating moment until my friend told me that there is a web version! That was an interesting discovery. The fact that there was an online web version was acceptable, but how the online version was designed was captivating.

It looks like Tinder Online encourages people to swipe right and left around the clock. Since no one would like to get caught swiping right and left during work hours or in class, Tinder created a hilarious and sneaky feature “the Work Mode” (the little button with a briefcase on it). The feature easily switches the interface into a Google document — definitely, a fake Google document.

In addition, to make it more easy to keep the swiping going, Tinder Online introduces keyboard shortcuts that will keep you going.

Now you can enjoy watching and chatting while pretending to work hard and while your coworkers are over your shoulder.