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Creating an Interactive Form for Meals on Wheels

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Website: (Kent State University project)

Role: Interaction Design, Interactive Form Design

Timeline: 2 weeks

Tools: Sketch

This project was based on a community’s need for an easy and accessible form that would help to determine residents in need of meal delivery. I developed this form in two weeks with two iterations, both discussed below.

Information needed from this form:

  1. Person being served
  2. Name of person filling out the form (if not the same person)
  3. Age
  4. Disabled: yes or no. If yes, then upload of documentation required.
  5. Meal plan/services requested: Full 21 meals lunch and dinner, only dinner, and which days of the week
  6. Any additional information about accessing the property — i.e. condo gate, phone first, dog will eat you, etc.
  7. Contact information for the person filling out the form

Iteration #1

I created this initial design after taking into account the required information listed above. Once the form was complete, it was turned in for review.

After feedback and discussion of potential problems and oversights, I created a second and final iteration.

Iteration #2

This second iteration of the interactive form included a cleaned up and clearer meal selection area, the ability to toggle back and forth from English to Spanish, and a streamlined way to upload documents.

Lessons Learned

Less is more.

When designing forms, hit all of the needed informational requirements, but stay as brief and streamlined as possible. Make things easy and intuitive, with minimal steps.

Make filling out a form just short of joyful.



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