Reversal of the current

I’m not perfect, none of us are. We all go through good times and bad times, success and failure, pleasure and pain as we roll down the river of life. I am a rough edged rock, the filled with potential and area to improve. But as the current carves me from a rough edged rock into a smooth stone, it allows me to find myself as I reach a definite shape. However, I still have a long journey ahead of me, filled with discovery and stife. I have no knowledge of the dams ahead, which I will either squeeze past, or stagnate, unable to move on. Perhaps there are some waterfalls along the way, and I will lose a few pieces here and there. I may even be suddenly plucked from the depths of the river, and skipped across to the other side. but no matter what, I will always do my best to keep moving past the adverisities through endurance and patience.

However, over time I tend to forget about the source of the river, from which I came and was given life. From which the currents that shaped and influenced me orginated. The source of my habits, my temperment, and my name.

I am Abdoulie Mbye. Born and raised in America by an African mother, not belonging to one nation or the other, but both. Join me on my journey as I head back up the river of life to discover even more about my orgins and my mother’s life.

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