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Abduction Squad: IRL Traits & How to Win

Learn more about how Abduction Squad is giving back to the community with play to win prizes and IRL [In Real Life] giveaways corresponding to your NFT Squad Member. As a pre-funded game, Abduction Squad is ready for play the minute Genesis collection launches.

If you haven’t heard about Abduction Squad’s play to win NFT, please watch our video below and check out our other articles here.

Galactic conquest is not a game for the weak, but Abduction Squad is prepared for any challenge on Earth, in space, or on the blockchain. The first 3,333 abductees will be summoned on 4/28/2022, with a total supply of 8,888 for the final release (date TBA).

Scattered throughout the ranks, 10 of the most elite squad members have been hidden. As soon as you see it, you will know if you minted an elite (1 of 1).

Competition comes in a variety of forms but sometimes luck is the key to winning. Abduction Squad has created three separate ways of winning IRL [in real life] prizes through minting an NFT alone.

IRL Traits for Abduction Squad

If you mint an NFT that has one of the three available traits, you’ll be able to receive its corresponding prize. Every minter has nearly a 1 in 10 chance* of winning one of our IRL prizes that match the holder’s alien’s IRL trait
*(random generation may affect these odds).

If your NFT contains a VR headset, you are eligible to win an IRL VR headset. If your NFT contains Abduction Squad merch, you will win merch! If your alien has ETH eyes — you’ll win ETH. This is one of the many ways Abduction Squad is giving back to our community members. Our Discord and Twitter channels will both have clear links where IRL winners can submit their information to receive their rewards.

Those of you who are not lucky enough to win through traits alone may test your ambition and skill in our Play 2 Win game. The Abduction Squad team is reserving 250 NFT’s from our collection, hoards of merch, and 5 high valued NFTs abducted from other projects for the top-performing Earthlings. As a community-driven team, Abduction Squad has partnered with many leading NFT groups to bring the latest and greatest in cross-collaboration partnerships for Abduction Squad holders.

Screen Grab from Game Play

There are four special Super Alien Buffs for the game: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special — all members of the Genesis Squad have the ability to be awarded up to *two* of the special Alien Super Buffs.

The Abduction Squad is a collaborative team, and we believe in working with projects that align with our overall vision and growth strategy. We look forward to seeing you in the future!

Join the Abduction Squad community!

Website: AbductionSquad.io
Discord: discord.gg/abductionsquad
Twitter: twitter.com/AbductionSquad



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