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Abelian Newsletter: December 2018

Cryptocurrency has been said to be currently in a “crypto winter”. We have seen setbacks and delays all over the places: building an ecosystem around new technology is riddled with challenges and not free of glitches. Despite all these and right at this bearish time, we at Abelian continue making a responsible pace, following our plan to make progress, and also growing our team. We are looking forward to contributing to the crypto community, rolling out our post-quantum cryptocurrency platform which supports both full privacy for public use, and accountability for consortium applications.

Tech & Development

In December, we have announced the release of Abelian ERC-20 tokens to reward our supporters for backing us and further establish trust in our project. By now, you, as our supporters, are gradually receiving Abelian tokens, and more and more Abelian supporters are getting the Abelian tokens via different channels. In the coming months, we will continue updating the community with more exciting news.


December was also a month full of events and conferences. Abelian was introduced to a wide variety of people in our crypto community and various industries across the globe.

Innovation & Technology Forum

Dr. Duncan Wong Spoke at the Innovation & Technology Forum

Our CEO Dr. Duncan Wong was invited as one of the panelists in the discussions of “Blockchain & Big Data” where he shared his market observation and insights in China and regions abroad. He stressed the importance of inter-disciplinary collaborations for ensuring a sustainable and rapid development on the applications of Blockchain and related technologies. He also shared his views on the Blockchain applications, and cryptocurrencies as one of many Blockchain applications. Furthermore, he gave an updated on the Abelian development, and its features: privacy, accountability, and quantum-resistant cryptocurrency.

Eleven Global Meetup

Dr. Duncan Wong Spoke at the Eleven Global Meetup

Dr. Wong was invited to join a panel at the Eleven Global Meetup organized by WXY in Hong Kong, discussing the blockchain startup ecosystem, cryptocurrencies, blockchain adoption, and relevant regulatory subjects. In addition sharing his insights on the future development of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he also introduced the Abelian project: the quantum-resistant feature and accountable-privacy mechanism of Abelian. He believed that Abelian is pushing the boundary of blockchain technology and will become the next generation cryptocurrency.

Singapore Workshop on Privacy Preserving Information Technologies

Dr. Khoa Nguyen. Photo from Epic Project

In Singapore, our advisor Dr. Khoa Nguyen from NTU gave a talk on post-quantum cryptography at the 2-day workshop featuring Privacy Preserving Information Technologies: New opportunities for digital enabled SG-EU research collaboration on December 10th and 11th.

Dr. Khoa Nguyen presented “Some Recent Results on Post-Quantum Privacy-Preserving Cryptography” at the workshop and gave the latest technical update on the Abelian project to academic scholars, industry partners and policy makers from Europe and Singapore to discuss new directions in privacy-preserving technologies.

The event was co-organized by EPIC and A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research. Industry trends and enabling policies needed to drive the research and application developments in Privacy preservation were discussed.

China Inscrypt 2018

Prof. Huaxiong Wang. Photo from Inscrypt 2018

In Fuzhou, China, our advisor Prof. Huaxiong Wang from NTU was invited to give a keynote speech at the international cryptography conference Inscrypt 2018 — The 14th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology on December 15th. In Prof. Wang’s talk, he outlined and discussed the security of Abelian Coin’s cryptographic technologies and security models for achieving privacy as well as accountability in the post-quantum cryptographic setting.

The Inscrypt 2018 was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Information Security (SKLOIS) of the Institute of Information Engineering of Chinese Academy of Science and the Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Network Security and Cryptology, Fujian Normal University. Topics of interest encompassed research advances in all areas of information security, cryptology, and their applications. Inscrypt 2018 sought high-quality research contributions in the form of well-developed papers. The conference proceedings were published by Springer-Verlag in LNCS series.

Community news

FAQ update

We have published the Abelian FAQ on Medium, which has answers to most of the common questions we have received from the community. There are four parts in the FAQ series including About Abelian Coin, ABE token, ABE features & technology, and ABE Community. If you have more questions, just ask us in our Telegram channel!

One-pager update

We have also published a One-Pager on the Abelian Foundation website, at the suggestion of community members. With it, we want to thank you for following our progress. We wish you all a merry holiday season and a happy and bullish new year!




The Abelian project will turn the page on the evolution of cryptocurrencies through the first quantum-resistant, privacy-enabled cryptocurrency, the Abelian coin (ABE).

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