1a Diaspora (more from the North East)

“you’ve dealt with people like me before”

Edu Science Book (Quotes)

¨Playground science gives kids chance to be creative¨ …examples:p131
Creative Ways To Teach Primary Science Paperback — by Alan Cross

¨Who was right about gravity — Aristotle or Galileo ?¨ Chance 4 chat ..
Teaching Science in the Primary Classroom Paperback — by Hellen Ward

¨A key aspiration is .. an accessible book for those who did little Science¨
Misconceptions In Primary Science by Michael Allen

I have Teaching Science Creatively by Dan Davies & others but feel that there is a samey-ness about the books on offer. But it is worse at the Secondary (Higher) Physics book level (lots of equations, too much cosmology …). One is left wondering what the Physics teaching establishment (presumably quite disparate) is aiming for … CERN workers ?

Future Direction

I am now a Stem Ambassador & await my first mission as a Digital one.