In the beginning: Part One

In the beginning, there was a peaceful kingdom that spanned over most of the world. The god who created it then made people of all race and color. They lived together in harmony until they were attacked by evil, corruption, anger, and pain which is now know as Drunikans Day. This divided the kingdom into six factions; Almoor, Shadow, Drunion, Grux, Bryin, and Styll. Almoor, Shadow, and Styll all serve under King Everet and his Queen Samantha. The other factions followed the wicked ways of Kryp, who is one of the many princes of hell. Twenty years after Drunikans Day, King Everet and Queen Samantha had a baby boy and they named him Shadow, after the most loyal faction. The King and Queen could see the power within Shadow grew by the day. When he was one, Shadow had already read through the history of the arcane and magic. At age five he was able to summon creatures to play with. As Shadow grew he became very skilled in all of the subjects he studied. Eventually, Shadow was old enough to go adventure so he decided to make some friends and go on an epic adventure.

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