Beneath all my invitations

Abhishek Thakore
Abhi Writes
Published in
Jan 19, 2023
Paul Michael Dupy
Children playing in a park

Beneath all my invitations to ‘collaborate’
Behind all the opportunities to ‘engage’
Beyond my grand schemes like ‘ecosystem building’

Is a very simple request from a very little boy inside me
Who says
“Will you play with me?”

At the heart of the matter for me is not only what we create
But the joy of birthing something collectively
Of walking together in shared inquiry
It is a strange form of intimacy that I find deeply satisfying

Will we make the world a better place?
Who knows!
A small dent in the Universe?
Or a sustainable thriving culture?
Why not!

For me, it is all still play.
I am still a small child who loves to play.

Toys have been replaced by frameworks.
The playground is now some organization.
The games have become more complex.

I still love to play.