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Case studies coming up

A list of case studies on my work that I will be putting up in the coming weeks.

1. ClearBlack: The complete personal finance management tool

ClearBlack (Codename) is a complete personal finance management tool; Cleartax’s first foray into the mobile space. V1 focuses on Tax filing, investments and personalised AI recommendations for users. I handled product and design for the application, defined a design language for the same.

2. Redesigning the consumer journey @ ClearTax Invest

ClearTax invest is Cleartax’s mutual fund investment arm. After conducting an extensive user research session, I redesigned the website landing page and defined a new fund page experience to guide users on making their investment decisions.

3. Exploring Voice input in prescriptions

Part of my work at Medlife, we explored the possibility of generating prescriptions through voice. Defined the entire experience for the same and tested it extensively with doctors in the Medlife ecosystem.

4. Re-designing the Medlife consumer application

Despite being the market leader in online pharmacy, Medlife’s consumer application reeked of outdated patterns, contorted user flows and a lack of discoverability for the growing number of verticals the application was housing. I re-designed the consumer experience to enhance discoverability of the multiple new verticals, streamlined flows and offered a 10x experience.

5. Defining teleconsultation experience for Medlife

A case study about defining the tele-consultation experience at Medlife. This project had the unique challenge of pitching two separate business models through design and evaluating them. Defined the business strategy, conducted user research, elicited needs and defined a seamless experience for the same.

6. Defining the doctor suite at Medlife

The doctor vertical is one of the main reasons for the success of Medlife as an online pharmacy. Across devices, I defined experiences for doctors to achieve the multitude of tasks in their daily schedule: Prescription generation, management through multiple input modalities, appoint management etc.

Stay tuned!



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