Day 2 — Ingredients

The right ingredients can make or break pretty much anything we try to make. Success feels best when all the planets align as we follow a step by step process. I had all the right ingredients to start my day off right.

Step 1, 1:1 with my kids. I just love starting my day with Kai — my sweet-hearted middle school dude, just before be boards bus. Then my puppy Breezer and I hit the trail for 30 min. And wake up my cutie-pie cuddler elementary diva, Ani and do the same. My kids are the most sweet when they start and end their day. This is usually my favorite moments in every day.

Step 2, Fresh air, sunshine, fitness. I love starting my day watching the sunrise, smelling the cool fresh air and witnessing the beautifully painted clouds in the sky with patterns only God could create. The trees are starting to change. It’s peaceful, fulfilling and cherished time. I like this new routine, so does Breezer.

Step 3, Experiments. So…I thought I’d try something with my typical 2 egg breakfast by blending them with a handful of some nearly expired kale/spinach and an over-ripe half of an avocado. Yes, Sam I am, I’ve got green eggs, with no ham! It was oddly green, but actually decent. As my mom would say, “It’s good fiber, eat it.” So I added a little pico and enjoyed my Christmas breakfast in Sept. Next, I may skip the blending and let each ingredient rock it’s own colors, flavors.

Step 4, Planned meals, snacks. The day before I got all the gear I needed to eat right. Yep,


dropped $250-buck-a-roos at Target on protein, veggies, fruit, nuts … plus life essentials.
I think I spent the most time in the spices aisle. My kids got a kick out of the fact that they were in alpha order. Who knew. But we could not find cayenne pepper. What am I not getting? I used some other red, spicy peppery stuff.

My goal is to try 2 new recipes each week. Any easy recipe ideas? Here’s an easy one from Kelsey, my coworker who’s worked the Whole 30 and rocked it>>>

This planning stuff is nice. I cut my veggies into baggies for grab and go ease, plus I started my crock-pot-oh-chicken.

Step 5, Family. Talked to my mom today. Love and appreciate her sweet support. And tonight I cheered Kai’s football team onto a victory. I walked to the field. Feels good to make good choices.


Step 6, New things. Have you tried dried apples from an orchard or farmers market? Dang are those good. Stuffed those in my desk drawer. And when my boys ate McD’s fries, I pulled out my dried plantains. Believe it or not, the crunch and the salt was so fulfilling.

Today’s recipe felt good because each ingredient was appreciated. Well intended.

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed. (Corita Kent)
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