Day 20 — Oh, it’s on!

Half way through can mean different things to different people. For some like me who’ve stuck to it every single day, plus added in daily fitness it can be like “Tiger blood”. Um, what? This means you wake up and feel like someone flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. So hell-to-the-yeah! I’m so there. I’m drinking (not really) the sugar-free Kool-Aid of this Whole 30 thing!

My energy keeps me dancing at midnight, my cravings in check and the button on my pants not digging into my belly. I think I’m even getting stronger, my focus is sharper and frankly I’m just feel happier these days.

Now how is it that just shy of 3 weeks, 20 little ole days that I can feel this way. I’m mean, how’s that possible…

I love that nearly everyone who knows me, loves me, asks … How’s it going? And actually wants to know. This touch base of support is so wonderful. I’m glad I can share the journey. Please keep it up.


I’ve also not hid away in my house with fear I’ll screw up when out for dinner and dancing with the ladies. For two weekends in a row I have been the designated driver for birthday parties with my dance mom’s friends and the neighborhood girls. I haven’t skipped a beat. The trick; they all knew ahead of time so I didn’t have any drink or food pushers. Instead I was able to be the designated driver and get everyone home safely. Double good.

I’ve even saved a few dollars. Jay and I went to cheer on the Vikings vs Giants on Monday night and I saved $10.25 per beer by not drinking. And dang we had fun cheering so loud!

To be honest, I had some fears. Would I still be fun without a cocktail in hand… Would I be able to dance, be silly and truly have fun verse a running off a buzz… Would I make a bad food choice because there was nothing to eat at the Vikes game… Would I be too tired and want to go home early… Over these last three weekends, my cup was filled with laughter my belly hurt, cheering so loud my throat was sore, talking and connecting so much my relationships deepened. These moments of genuine love and friendship fill my cup way more than any liquor.


I have not felt loss. No loss of time with girls friends or dates with Jay. Or loss for missed birthday cake, wine or hops I can smell from across the table. I’ve made a commitment and I’m going to stick to it. The rewards are worth it. I even wonder if maybe I’ll continue this for a few more days, weeks, months … or to the end of the year. Or….

This euphoria is that good.

I’m going to ride this train for a long as I can so it sinks into my big heart, thick skull and evolving body.

I believe the reality is others may not have hit this zen place. But the good thing — wait, the great thing is — what we are doing is not wrong. It’s all good for our body and soul. It may just be another exercise of patience while we keep the lookout for those little improvements that add up and keep us motivated.

Until then it’s … it’s on!