Day 31 — Reason 56

Today as a Whole30 graduated, I started my usual morning walk/jog with Breezer. And even though I drive, walk by these signs everyday, it gave me a different pause. In a previous blog post, I wrote about suspending ourselves long enough in the moment to notice. So this one gave me a giggle and sense of celebration. High-5.

One of the Whole30 rules they take very seriously is not to weigh yourself except on the first and last day. Today is that day to get a final input on my Whole30 journey. But I’m apprehensive. I didn’t know how I’d react to the scale because it had always been my main source of a input on any attempt to lose weight, add fitness, cut out foot types or make some health changes. The damn hunk of plastic that I bought up-teen years ago has determined if I had a good day or a bad day based on what I gained or lost. I’d either be “Whoo-hoo-ing” or figuring out how to “fix” it that day. What wasted energy.

I’m a smart girl, I know the scale says nothing about whether I’m in better or worse health. Nothing about my relationship with food, hormones, digestion, inflammation, sleep, mood, cravings, my skin. Those affect my health way more than weight. I want to stop caring what the scale says and giving it power to make or break my efforts. Its unhealthy — tragic actually — for it to determine self-worth, value, confidence.

By jumping on the scale, it could take my confidence, my “Tiger Blood” or bring me sadness in :05 seconds. No. No! NO! It’s not real. I’m not giving that thing all that power. I’m taking better care of myself than I have in the last year-plus. It’s just another reason, another victory. Whatever the number.

So I grabbed my phone entered my initial weight, hit the minus sign and hopped on. All business, no emotion. I saw the new number and typed it into my phone and hit the equals sign. Again, no emotion. It’s just another victory. Not worth more than the other 55 reasons my health has improved. And wahla…

I teared up for 56 reasons. I teared up because it’s one other input of my success. I teared up because I knew in true honesty, it was not my proudest accomplishment through the last 30 days. It was awesome. But my non-scale victories win!

The final sign of my morning, was a t-shirt I was given at a conference the previous day. It was from a vendor, Rocket55. I giggled at the numeric symbolism of my 55 non-scale victories over the last 30 days. So adorned my new tee because I feel like I can launch a happier life just by what I feed my body engine. Blast-off!

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