My New Year

Part two: resolutions, or suggestions.

Niall and I did laundry on New Year’s Day. We loaded up the washers at the laundromat, went to a cafe, changed the laundry, went for a walk, and brought the dry clothes all home in a couple of duffel bags.

We have laundry day once per week, and I often find myself looking forward to it. It’s structure, and sometimes it’s the first time all week we’ve been able to take a morning to sit down together.

My past resolutions haven’t panned out. Usually I pick something with some ideal of who I could be, or I get some idea into my head for a new hobby I want to pick up, or what-have-you.

I am certain that I will choose some ill-fit resolutions this year as well, but I hope to learn a little more from them. I found myself writing a long list of “Stuff I think I want to do in 2016” at the end of New Year’s Day.

I and identified three main themes: art, work, and health. Of those, I honed in on a few good ones, and set aside the less likely or less useful ones. Sure, sculpting is fun, but I have other art to make. I could go running, but I hate running, and I work a physically active job. “Get a haircut” is more a task than a habit, and I don’t see myself being able to afford habitual haircuts.

With the winners, I made action plans. Goals that have quantities and steps (not listed here) to them. Here’s what I came up with, to be amended as I feel my way through them:


  • Make one crappy piece of art per week.
  • Post art online once per month. Be visible.
  • Goal: Complete proposal for the Dickinson project by August 1st.


  • Visit a job counselor. (Still not sure about this, not sure I can afford it.)
  • Continue taking nutrition courses, and apply for DPD at UMass if you like what you’re doing.
  • Apply for PSLF-eligible jobs. Break the chains of student debt.
  • Earn more than $1500 per month. Work less than 30 hours per week. Head above water.


I’m definitely not going to do all of these. But I bet I’ll do a few of them! In addition, I have a list of wierd specific suggestions for myself this year. A small selection for your amusement.

(image: Sharyn Morrow)
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