Defining Abinibi — Why This Publication Exists

Source: Reuters

Abinibi means ‘innate’ in Yoruba — usually used to depict how Yoruba people are naturally gifted. Innate means in-born or natural, which I’m going to use to depict our natural ability as Africans to innovate.

I was walking to my school cafeteria one evening, and there were two little boys walking ahead of me, frantically it would seem. I was in a bad mood that evening, because I was being overwhelmed with having to plan my life and responsibilities.

I thought I had problems.

I soon forgot about them and bought my food. As I was walking back, I saw the same boys carrying things on their head like they were going to hawk.

I had gone to get food to eat, they had gone to get food to hawk. I immediately began appreciating all I have.

The truth is I’m not an average Nigerian youth. I don’t have to hawk to ensure my family survives. I have Internet access. I can buy food. My parents are alive and well.

The real average Nigerian youth are the ones who can barely survive. This publication isn’t to brainstorm ideas so we’ll learn to make more money.

Hell no.

It exists to ensure that these youth/children can go on to provide better lives for their children than they had. If not for anything, for those two young boys who don’t know who on earth I am.

The best gift we can give the poor in this country isn’t money. It is rights. And all forms of freedom. But that’s a story for another day.

I hope you join me in taking this small step towards our big dream: An African Industrial Revolution.

An industrial revolution would create more jobs, better processes, more exports and a whole lot more.

I’m excited to start this journey of ideas, thoughts and reviews that ultimately would help us learn how we can spark this much-needed revolution.

This is Abinibi.