Links in the Chain: Noah Marconi

Role: VP of Research and Development at ABL

Likes (loves): His wife, and daughter, Technology,

Dislikes (hates): Driving, “People always being on their d*** phones.”

Crypto of Choice: Cyphereum

“who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” 
― Hunter S. Thompson

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him break a sweat and when he talks, he’s never been anything other than the definition of calm, cool and collected. Working remotely from Toronto, it’s always a pleasure to have him grace the halls of the ABL HQ. Noah looks at himself as a jack of all tech, having worked in many different technologies. But it’s this plethora of experience and the ability to bridge gaps between various fields that makes him a true technomancer.

For Noah Marconi, the path to blockchain wasn’t linear. He began his career with researching at Vision Critical. There, he found that at the time the technology required to achieve his goals didn’t exist, so he did what any true MacGyver does — he built it himself. Analytics automation, research automation, You know, the (not)easy stuff. Noah would spend the next decade cutting his teeth in tech, but it wasn’t until he eventually left Vision Critical for a company called LoyaltyOne that he got his first glimpse of blockchain technology.

It was here they deployed him in the innovation lab dedicated to the exploration of new territories for the company. Low and behold one of these territories, was blockchain.

“It was interesting,” Noah said. “There was a lot of planning and high-level discussion, a little bit of experimentation in a laboratory setting, but my primary involvement was talking about use cases.”

Now LoyaltyOne was not new to the currency game; they offered their own centralized digital currency. Seeing the innovation blockchain was bringing to the currency space, they wanted to dig and explore the implications of this emerging paradigm. For LoyaltyOne the idea of shifting from a centralized to decentralized currency would mean a considerable loss of profits, and so Noah attempted to change the discussion to potential applications of blockchain beyond merely that of a currency.

“That, stalled immediately,” he chuckles “in the meantime I decided to pick up solidity and started consulting in the evenings and weekends.” This generated a spiral of freelancing opportunities, and it was at this time he came to understand that blockchain was the path forward from him. Then at ETH Waterloo Noah encountered ABL CEO Erik Simins and immediately saw the value of what ABL had to offer.

“I have this really bad habit of getting really into tech that’s not my job, then having it become my job!”

It’s always a pleasure having Noah in the house

For a man like Noah, Tech is everything, even when it comes to music he drifts towards the electronic type, preferring some solid dubstep, or even better, Drum n’ Bass.

“I like gritty; liquid drum n’ bass is a bit tamer, but when I’m working I don’t want something to angry or “punchy” either.”

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