are Filled with _____

Repulsion toward those who need our help the most
Cubed, reliant, relaxed
Gianting visions of gianting
Granted access, taking fistfuls of white sand

A fist entering the soft dune
nodded, imagined, rising 
created a billion years ago
after a billion years of thought

A kid enters the place nods in grease
A kid swivels head eyes sloshing fixed
A kid needs help so repulsive
A squinting whine needs something

Let’s give it to the other one
Let’s give it strong and fast
Let’s not maximize
Let us entertain ourselves quietly

The specificity of charity
loss in the tough grasses
desiccating white grains
tail-fist too easily fails to grasp
to suck under
to lift above
the wake barely touches
toes targets of 
 — —-______ stare