Emperor of Non-random Particles of Sand

Turn into the sand, keep turning
The sand will absorb all 
like a lathe
with jets 
of ceramic solution

Keep turning, look up
Look to the barrier
between solid and gas
where the furnace burns
with jets
of silicon bits

Turn again, push out
Push to periphery
see the pattern of spherules
decode the pattern of spherules
sorting themselves
with jets
of nitrogen flux

Turn again, for the quadrillionth time
let all the particles that make us
fall furrowed
fall fallow
as jets of photons push out
above us, us looking up
into the photon stream
with little balls of light
interrupting the dither of dusk
goading fractal crows
scavenging our renewed dorsal
poking holes from which fall
the little balls of ourselves
which can only merge
with the flattened dunes
the rhythmic shifting silt
flowing over sand
then flowing over
the jets deep within the crust
Jets that push the entire desert
into the infernal ball — eternal fall — 
the scepter’s head
of the serpent