There’s Something Awkward Happening in Poetry

The reading continues…
Again, the reference to CTRL+Shift
Again, the online manual is searchable
Again, someone follows their father’s instructions

And the reading continues…
Further references to CTRL+Shift are omitted
A colored banner indicates subjective aim
A colored banner indicates allegiance

^t denies, five [_____] denies
We stick to the reading…
Objectification is in flux
The game of person is in beta
The concept of beta is not stable
Stable is on fire

X denies, hairs deny
The online instructions, a series of caveats
a series of discrete gestalts, unbreakable drops of glass
A series of golem-spittle in gods’ eyes
Unable to read, the gods see with the reading
Reading itself becomes awkward, bent
Radical connectors are prion-crazed
Continued reading is continued
Tented mazes, hazed by compliant sun,
navigable with series of overlays

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