BFCM: Are You Ready?

Automate your order exports in time for the biggest shopping weekend of the year

Able Sense
Able Sense
2 min readSep 15, 2020


We’ve written about Black Friday/Cyber Monday preparation before. You’ve followed all of our brilliant BFCM advice for your Shopify Store: you’re stocking an expanded inventory, your sales and special offers are queued up, your site is optimized, and your social media feeds are in perfect alignment with your brand. All you’re waiting for is the day.

So, you’re almost ready.

With a higher (and hopefully much higher) volume of sales than usual, you know you’re going to be working hard to put your products into the hands of your eager customers. As your inventory flies off your virtual shelves, are you really prepared to fulfill and ship all of those products in real life?

Work smarter, not harder. Let Exportify automate your order exports so that your staff, accounting software, fulfillment and shipping crew get the information they need in the format that works best for them. You’re going to be busy, so save your valuable time: instead of editing each spreadsheet to make them work for your specific partners, just request your custom configuration once and it’s done!

Your format

Stop editing the default Shopify CSV. Exportify delivers your order exports in exactly the format you need.

Your schedule

Choose automatic email exports as orders come in, or in a daily batch. Exportify saves you time by running exports for you.

Simplified workflow

Share your Shopify order data with another system. Exportify is compatible with major shipping, accounting and custom production workflows. For example, it works seamlessly with Bold’s suite of apps, Zapiet’s Store Pickup and Delivery and Oberlo.

“Work smarter, not harder”

Download Exportify now, and we will set up a custom configuration for your specific needs. Available in the Shopify App Marketplace.

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